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How significant is a Spiritual Retreat

The significance of a spiritual retreat can be different for various religious communities. Spiritual retreats have become an integral part of many Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Islamic communities.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, meditative retreats are recognized by many as an intimate way of deepening powers of insight and concentration.

Retreats are also popular in Christian circles from the moment they were established in today’s form by St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556), in his Spiritual Exercises. Pope Pius XI in 1922 made Ignatius the patron saint of spiritual retreats. Many Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians participate in and organize spiritual retreats every year.

Meditative retreats are an essential practice in the mystical path of Islam called Sufism. The Sufi teacher Ibn Arabi’s book Journey to the Lord of Power (Risālat al-Anwār) serves as a guide to the inner journey that was published more than 700 years ago.

The Hallowed Grounds of Hawaii

One of the most powerful & activating sacred site in the world is Hawaii. Hawaii is also one of the most active sacred spots on the globe. The spiritual comes alive and is palpable in the timelessness that occurs on every retreat in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands serve as a powerful healer, teacher and an amplifier of every awakening and change. Visit specific and potent sacred sites which can catalyze and transform anything. Get transformed and be sarinaded by Aloha, or unconditional love. Life will never be the same again after some spiritual retreats in Hawaii.

On a retreat to Hawaii, you will be granted the chance to venture out to powerful sacred sites and temples of concentrated energy. These sites exponentially amplify and accelerate all awakening, transformation, and spiritual connection. In these exotic and mystical places, where the veils are thinner, miracles have been reported to happen and anything becomes possible.

A common feature of all Hawaiian Islands is that whichever Island you visit; they vibrate at a multi dimensional timeless frequency. The spirit world is more alive and palpable than almost anywhere in the world. Most people believe the Islands feel alive and have a consciousness which transforms them. The Island acts as a teacher, a guide and a healer. Visitors experience the Hawaii Spiritual Vortex as otherworldly, physically and metaphysically like no other place on earth!

Reasons to visit Hawaii on a Spiritual Retreat

Are you facing a major life crisis? Do you desire more intimacy and connection in your relationships? Are you searching for balance in your body, mind and spirit? Looking for more purpose and passion in your life?

Maybe you are recovering from a physical, mental or emotional illness, are you considering or in the midst of a career change? Are you looking for a truly authentic vacation experience, or a stellar bonding experience for your company’s employees? Whatever the case maybe, a good number of us find ourselves craving time out of our daily reality to reconnect with our own inner voice. These retreats are specially designed for you! A spiritual retreat to the Hawaiian islands are specially dedicated to providing you with a life enhancing, soul-satisfying vacation experience, and the island of Maui is the perfect backdrop for a truly transformative experience.

With custom Retreat packages, you will be offered one-on-one consultations for marriage retreats, cleanse and detox retreats, Spiritual Awakening Retreats, and a Women’s Empowerment Retreat. What’s more? Are you burned out? You will also receive a professional massage, facials, intuitive and psychic readings, and life coaching.

Imagine finding yourself in a blissful, peaceful, tranquil, authentic slice of paradise — where you bask yourself in the loving embrace of local practitioners, each if them working on helping you find your way on your authentic path. This is a chance to connect with your innermost desires and dreams, spoil yourself with a massage and body work, local, organic foods, yoga, Hawaiian Hula, guided meditations, and explorations of the most serene, beautiful and natural spots on Maui. Then imagine boarding the plane back home with a renewed enthusiasm and a great plan for creating the life of your dreams!

In addition, there are licensed in-house drug and detox centers that specializes in not just getting your body free and clear, but your mind and spirit. This will help you get to the root of your problem, and clear and heal past remorse and shame, so that you can replace it with your true calling, your higher purpose in life.


It is normal for participants to experience a radical and total shift in their being, consciousness and their physical world. Massive life changing shifts in material wealth, health, connection to divinity, abundance, career, relationships, and ease of life are all attainable. Think about how your life would be different if you attended a retreat that could permanently alter your limitations and make your dreams a reality. Any dream. It is really possible and it happens for most participants! Are you in search of enlightenment? Looking to know & live your life purpose, for massive wealth or your life partner; participants have created this on a spiritual retreat to Hawaii. In search of a therapy and cure for an ailment or even a terminal disease; participants have created this on our retreats.

What are you waiting for, arrange a trip with your partner or spouse to the islands of Hawaii and live to be glad you made the best move of your life.

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